Heartbreakingly Beautiful

Hello world,
let me introduce myself.
You see I’ve been kind,
of sound mind,
and always on time;
But no more.
Give me a minute, a moment,
a second for you to understand my plea.
I can’t really call it a plea because I don’t
care if you see.
I don’t care,
If this makes the hair stand up on your neck.
I don’t care
If this gives you chill bumps on your arms.
You see, I am beautiful.
And no I’m not 5’5 125 and blonde.
No I am not,
I’m proud to have hips, thighs, and seductive eyes.
I’m glad to be tall.
I’m glad to have breasts, a swagger, and a sweet behind that ain’t going no where.
I’m glad to have melanin in my skin and don’t need to bend.
I’m glad that I come from a culture a country a history
so rich, so grand that you couldn’t possibly understand.
I’m so glad that my people had to go through trials and tribulations,
separation of families, and dynasties
that only made us,
that made me stronger.
Now understand chattel slavery wasn’t an ideal way to make us stronger,
but you know, I guess it’s my people fault for being an inferior race and all.
But I shouldn’t jest,
my mind seems to digress.
I’m not sorry if I don’t cower in fear.
I’m not sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear.
Save your pity,
your crocodile tears.
I’m through being patient.
You see the world I live in thinks from time to time to stereotype
to call me names so that I know my place.
The world I live in thinks it’s okay to tell other girls, and women
to lighten yourself a bit,
to wear your hair a certain way,
and in some states to call me bae.
In some places it’s okay to STILL call my father,
a grown man with a family boy.
In some states it’s okay to shoot at black boys, and men because you think they may harm you when in all honestly they die following orders, and rules THEY demand of you.
In some states it’s okay to shoot and beat a black woman on the street just for asking why you want to arrest her.
In some states it’s okay to pull over two black young girls leaving the beach, and put your hands in their privates for the world to see just because they were speeding.
In some states it’s okay to call me a nigger, darkie, sexual fiend, that needs a iron fist and a ruling hand.
Oh, I’m sorry it was in the past so it means that I shouldn’t offend your delicate sensibilities.
Again my sincerest apologies.
Someone please come and clean up this sorry lot.
these words I jot,
on the spot,
should hopefully educate a tot.


Where’s The Color?

“Racism is a man’s greatest threat to man-the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

Good morning world!

I hope all is well. The reason I haven’t posted for a couple of days is because I’ve been really busy.


But I’m here so now all is right with the world. (If you haven’t noticed, I’m starting to feel super important! lol)

So as I was walking to school this morning I noticed a play that is being put on by my theater/drama department. The title is Arabian Nights. You may be wondering why I am even talking about a play that you probably don’t care about, but here is the reason.


That’s right, I said it; color. Here is my problem with movies and theaters. First, I must say that I love musicals, and broadway. Ever since I was thirteen, and first saw Moulin Rouge, I’ve been hooked. Broadway is also my favorite to watch. I like the drama, the plot, the fake stage fighting that looks so real at the time, and the can’t live without each other romantic situations. My only problem is casting people who actually look like the topic being discussed.

One thing my father hates is western movies. Not because of the plots, the cowboys, and mexican standoffs, but because of the casting. You see, when I watch old westerns with my grandma, I notice that the men playing Native Americans are not of color. Not only are Natives not playing their own people but Mexicans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Italians are played by White American people. Even Aborigines are played by white Americans with paint on their faces.

In early America with the country in turmoil in regards to racism and open hostility to other races it is understandable that Whites, or people in power at that time were also dominating the film industry. My question is, what is the excuse now? It’s 2013 so shouldn’t there be more people of color (and I don’t mean just African-Americans) having lead roles in films?

My sister and I recently saw a preview for the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. I love Sci-fi, and Tom Cruise so to me this was a win-win situation. My problem with this movie is where are all the fresh faces? Tom Cruise is a great actor, but for a movie focused on the future and a new world why not be symbolic and use a fresh-faced actor?

As a new generation who knows better I feel like it’s up to us. We have to show that going on in the tradition of old-school Hollywood is unacceptable. So what’s the solution?

Actually casting other races. Having a diverse cast. Making sure that if we have a character of an African-American we actually let a African-American play that role. The same with other races as well.


A Moment Of Silence

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.  ~Christopher Reeve

Hello all.

So I turn on the news this afternoon and I find out that 20 children ages 5-10 were killed at a elementary school in Connecticut. I was listening to the President’s speech, and reading the news updates and it made me so sad.

To send your kid off to school that morning not knowing they would never return is frightening, and terrible. I personally have no kids, but I have been blessed to have parents who truly love me, and they’ve told me countless fears they used to have about me and my younger sister when we were going to school, or even coming home. They told me on a daily basis how much I was loved, and what they would do to protect the both of us.

Seeing this on the news, and knowing the parents feeling helpless to stop such a crime I’m sure can be a maddening experience. It’s sad but it also puts into perspective the important things in your life.

After hearing this on the news, I left my bedroom and checked on my sister. I called my dad, and mom just to say hello, and I was reflecting on the things I have been able to accomplished and the future I’m privileged, and blessed to have.

Whether you believe it or not, I know those kids are in heaven pain, and sorrow free hanging out with angels and being surrounded by sunshine continuously. My heart got out to the families of the children, and teacher’s killed. I pray that they will have some peace of mind, strength, and are able to deal with this situation.


Feeling Inspired

“Good things happen when you meet strangers.” Yo-Yo Ma

Good Afternoon world!

Normally I don’t post twice a day but since I’m out of class early, and putting off studying for finals until tomorrow I decided to post once more.

Today I was checking my emails, and it gave me a notification that someone from WordPress liked my post, and even commented on it. Now those of you who are basically blog superstars, and have people follow you almost instantaneously you probably think I’m a little nutty for getting this excited but I can’t help It! I’m acting like a Twi-Hard fan on crack who finds out they’re making another movie happy!

I created this blog with the intention of just writing, and getting my online portfolio going so employers In my field of study could take a glance at it. But then I really started to enjoy the writing and topics I was coming up with, and it was making me happy. After a while of writing you do want someone to respond, or at least agree, or like with what you’re saying. Anyways after this person liked my post I then started smiling, and thinking how amazing it is that the work you think is bad or mediocre someone else finds enjoyable.

It also had me thinking how we as humans spend our entire lives trying to make sure that everything we do is precise, and perfect to the point of being anal. We want others to see our work or performance so impeccable to the point of when someone reads, or reviews whatever we’ve accomplished they know we are an intelligent human being.

I say we stop over-thinking. I say we just do whatever is asked, or assigned and not care what people think. Because If your only goal Is to complete things so you can make someone else happy, then you’ll never be happy. But If you enter a task knowing that no matter what you’re giving the best, then you’ll be happy. And I think above all that is what counts. So I dedicate this post today to djmatticus.