Something Fresh………

Hello world!
Because I am sick of hearing about you know, EBOLA,ENTEROVIRUS,ISIS recruiting 12 year olds from North Dakota, women teachers having threesomes with 17 year old boys, more politicians lying,THE IMPENDING APOCALYPSE,and anything else news related (AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING COMING FROM ME ONE NEWS JUNKIE) I’ve decided to regal you with my tales of new adventures.
Yesterday was my first day of Graduate school. Yep, you heard correctly;
Well folks let me tell you, it was a very enlightening day. It was fun (to me) getting up, and talking with others who wanted to pursue higher education. What I like so much about graduate school is when you get to this level everyone is pretty much chill. Now the work load is not,(FAR FROM IT) and it’s a good thing I’m a quick reader because otherwise I’d be screwed but I like how everyone applied because they wanted to be here and you’re all in the same boat, just different majors. It’s amazing how that works out. In my spare time I am also writing my poetry because it relaxes me and it allows me to be myself, and to really express how I’m feeling. It also makes me be able to reflect, and to read all of you guys’ amazing stuff and wonder, “how the heck did they create that amazing piece of work?”
You know important stuff.
Anyways I hope all is well with you. If you’re reading this and on a quarter school system and yesterday was the first day for you I hope it all went good. If you are nervous and because embarking in new territory makes you a little jittery, and unsure please believe you’ve got a friend.

“He who establishes his argument by noise and command, shows that his reason is weak.” –Michel de Montaigne

Houston, we have a problem.

So I read the newspaper, and found out that because of the recent shootings going on in the various schools across the country, police in certain states have now increased their presence in schools.

I feel torn about this solution.

On the one hand, I feel that police or law enforcement having a heavier hand in public schools could cut down the violence that seems to be overtaking the nation. On the other hand, I feel like small incidences such as name calling and bullying (which is wrong by the way) will be considered as crimes.

An article in the New York Times, talks about a public school in Houston Texas that have policemen patrolling the halls and arresting kids for small situations that the principal should deal with. In the article they were able to talk with a criminologist who said that having more policemen in schools wouldn’t cut back on crime.

I agree.

Because we live in an imperfect world, where people’s mood fluctuates, insanity is questioned, and the lines of knowing right from wrong are blurred, we have to always be prepared at any moment. That said, we can’t always depend on the law to be there in any situation. Am I saying take the law into our own hands?


But I do think that this bubble we “think” is keeping us safe is an illusion we choose to believe.  Having more law enforcement in schools will cause more of a problem, and we should be focused on finding a solution.