Something Fresh………

Hello world!
Because I am sick of hearing about you know, EBOLA,ENTEROVIRUS,ISIS recruiting 12 year olds from North Dakota, women teachers having threesomes with 17 year old boys, more politicians lying,THE IMPENDING APOCALYPSE,and anything else news related (AND THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING COMING FROM ME ONE NEWS JUNKIE) I’ve decided to regal you with my tales of new adventures.
Yesterday was my first day of Graduate school. Yep, you heard correctly;
Well folks let me tell you, it was a very enlightening day. It was fun (to me) getting up, and talking with others who wanted to pursue higher education. What I like so much about graduate school is when you get to this level everyone is pretty much chill. Now the work load is not,(FAR FROM IT) and it’s a good thing I’m a quick reader because otherwise I’d be screwed but I like how everyone applied because they wanted to be here and you’re all in the same boat, just different majors. It’s amazing how that works out. In my spare time I am also writing my poetry because it relaxes me and it allows me to be myself, and to really express how I’m feeling. It also makes me be able to reflect, and to read all of you guys’ amazing stuff and wonder, “how the heck did they create that amazing piece of work?”
You know important stuff.
Anyways I hope all is well with you. If you’re reading this and on a quarter school system and yesterday was the first day for you I hope it all went good. If you are nervous and because embarking in new territory makes you a little jittery, and unsure please believe you’ve got a friend.

My Journey With Musiq

“Love’s the sweetest feeling openly believing no matter what we find there come back in through the eyes there.” -Feist (Fire In The Water)

I’ve always loved music. Ever since I was a little girl, and my family would go on road trips all my parents would do is sing sing sing. We would listen to tons of Gospel, Jazz, and some older R&B (My parents singing Earth, Wind, and Fire off-key to each other is a show you’ll never forget.)

I remember me and my younger sister just singing along with whatever they played and singing it as well. When I was a teenager my dad had this crazy idea to rent a van and drive from our home in San Francisco to Virginia. (My parents are hippies, so when my dad completed his tour of duty and left the Marine Corps he married my mom, and they just headed west.)

I know what you’re thinking. How could I possible be in a car with my family everyday for a week of constant driving? But I actually LIKE my family so it wasn’t hard to do. On this road trip we listened to everything. Folk, Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and basically anything else you can think of.

I didn’t really have a genre I specifically liked until I was about 13. I heard J.Lo and Ja Rule sing I’m real and lost it. I thought to myself, where have I been? Then I heard some rock, and contemporary Christian and I loved it. I think the song that sealed the deal was when I heard “Love” by Musiq for the very first time. I loved the lyrics, what the song meant , and thought to myself, “How could someone feel that way about another person?”

That’s what I thought love was.

From that point on is way Journey, Janet, J.Lo, New Radicals, Usher, Norman Brown, Yo-Yo Ma, PJ Harvey, Steve Cole, Kenny G (and even I hate to admit it but Earth, Wind &Fire)

What I’ve learned about music is that its timeless. Yeah, some song styles are no longer popular but I could care less. I’m still bumping That’s The Way Love Goes By Janet Jackson, and crying when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson sing Where You Are on my iPhone.

If you’re reading this, then I urge you to remember you’re favorite song, the one song you can’t live without that made you fall in love with music. Have a good day with your music!