Come On Baby Ride…………

Another year has drew near,
Yet I’m free of doubt and fear.
I’m clear,
And it’s all so dear.
This year I had lows.
This year I had doubts,
This year I heard lies.
I became someone I didn’t recognize.

No more.
You see,
I’m too exhausted and sore.
I see the sun coming out.
That’s what I’m about.

I need my happiness to be something more.
Something that someone doesn’t see as a chore.
I need my sanity to be something not wrapped up in a person,
An idea,
A good person.
Give me,
Give me,
Give me,
Is all I’ve said.
No more.

I shall take,
Anything to bring me to life.
Anything to help me not be filled with strife.

I see the light,
It’s about to take flight.
As am I, I say.
As am I.



Les Couleurs D’hiver….

This cool breeze feels cool on my skin.
Heavenly respite where have you been?
This feels so good it could be considered a sin.
I don’t know how or when,
but this feels like the start of life again.
I just want to take this time,
revel in this wine,
That’s got me twisted in this vine.
Do you mind?
The leaves are rust,
reminds me of the summer must,
the complete and utter sunshine and trust.
This evening landscape,
Is more than just a pretty escape.
I’m awake,
Thankful for everyone’s sake.


More Than A Workout Song…..

“You don’t know me but it’s not too late…” -Tom Swoon Feat. Amba Shepherd (From Not Too Late Bassnectar remix)

Hello world!
Firstly happy holidays. I love December. Apart from it being my second favorite month of the whole year,(my birthday is the first) I love the whole giving, Christmas, and giving cheer. I also love the amounts of foods being served. But I decided to do something different this year. While everyone else is contemplating eating twice the amount of the their body mass for basically the whole month I’ve decided to get, if possible healthier. I love the fatty delicious foods my mom places on the table; However I also love skinny jeans. I think that with everything you have to find a balance. Lately I have been way too unbalanced but I’ve decided no more.And who says you have to wait until January 1st to set unrealistic goals for yourself, when you can start now? I’ve been wanting to lose a serious amount of weight for some time now. My sister has encouraged me and helped me continuously by saying to me,
“Nikki, you can do it. I believe in you.”
So what am I doing? throwing away all the junk food in my house and re-upping my gym membership. She even picked out songs for me, that she said, “Was all me, and that I would understand once I was in the gym.” I could cry from how thankful I am to her. Well world I’m back.
I’m back.


What Happened To A Basic Lesson For All Ages?

“The measure of a man….” -Hercules
“It doesn’t matter what color you are…” -Pocahontas
“Family comes in all shapes and sizes..”
“Beauty is not only external…” -Beauty and the beast
“As a king be wise…” -The Lion King

So I was bored tonight. I turned on Netflix and I browsed the children section. As I scrolled through the list I smiled at all of the good disney films of the 90’s. I saw Tarzan, Mulan, Lion King, and Pocahontas. (lol I know right?) One thing that I kept smiling about was all the great morale stories learned as a kid. It was clean, innocent, and tween girls were not naked. What I also enjoyed was the lack of illuminati symbols in the music and movies. Maybe I’ve aged (a lot) but I’m tired of seeing naked girls talking about what it would be like to kiss a boy or even sneak out a night. What i’m saying is that what we allow as a culture. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Now don’t get me wrong; I loved Magic Mike and all of the XXL films I have seen,(wink wink) but one thing I’ve learned is everything should be in the right time.