What Is it about social media networks?

Good morning world!

I told you that I would be posting more now that school had resumed. Everyone needs a break! Recently, I was able to purchase my dream phone; that’s right an iPhone. It’s exciting fun, and all the commercials made me want to have one more. The question is, why did I feel the need to have one so bad?

We all know that new technology is cool and shows us how far we’ve come I’m creating innovative things. The question I often ask myself is, what is wrong with the technology from the previous years if it’s still in good condition?

Over the summer I watched the Associated Press discuss how more Americans were buying technology that came out the previous year instead of the new one. The reason being? Analysts were saying that most people didn’t have the money to keep buying the new one. Others felt why should they throw away a smartphone still in good condition just it couldn’t do one extra app.
I used to think that I’d never have a Face Book account. Then I told myself why bother with Twitter? Then I heard of instagram and thought I really don’t take that many pictures. However I am standing before you today posting on an iPhone updating my status on all said networks I thought I’d never give into.
As Americans we’ve lived without these before? What is making us believe that we can’t live without it? Or are we just choosing to not be without it?