Reaching A Deal-ish…

The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl.”  ~Shirley Chisholm

It seems as if in society women are being subjected to what men think. Either they are too emotional, unstable, or needy and are co-dependent on men. If women are independent or don’t need any men then they are seen as lesbian or too butch to get anything done. What bothers me, especially in the different text women who are in love or want to hold out for true love, they are seen as too romantic and live in a dream world. It makes me sick and above all disappointed. Would you like to know why?

For the past weeks in October, the government has been shut down because one side (Republicans) believed that the president and Democrats were destroying our constitution. I saw one of those e-cards (You know the ones where people write funny messages on funny looking cards) and it said, “Next time you accuse a woman of overreacting remember that a bunch of men shut down the government because they weren’t getting their way.” I thought the e-card was hilarious and reposted it on my face book page. Man, all the backlash that followed. Nicole how can you post that? That’s wrong. Women are in government too! I think this government has made people lose their form of amusement. Laugh a little. They are trying to make light a serious situation and I think it was a clever card. And I actually agreed with the card. They call women hormonal? And don’t get me started on being a feminist. Anyways, I’m glad that the government reached some semblance of agreement and I hope that it helps some people.




Ohhhh I Love Me A Good Scandal….


Scandal’s new episode premieres tonight.

And I’m losing my mind. Would you like to know why?

Well for one, I love the scandal fans. They are creative and have an imagination that can rival any other real fiction writer. Apart from that they offer and bring an excitement to television that has been missing for a long time. People never really get excited about television anymore and it’s sad because there are some really creative plots going on lately. Watching Scandal makes me excited as a public relations person (not because of the presidential affair) because it makes me want to create or be apart of something that makes people crave to know what exactly is happening and what we can expect from a person or event. Bringing excitement to a business known to excite others can be difficult; however I am willing to don my gladiator suit and put back on the white hat.