Nothing Was The Sameā€¦…

I told myself I was new,
that I was to never be blue.
I wish that were true.

I walk this road alone.
You said you were only a phone call away from home.
Because of this mistake,
Because of this rake,
Because I trusted the snake,
I ache.

I atone,
Everyday I atone.
I stood there in the known,
Yet I stand here thrown.




It seems we are at a standstill.
I don’t know how I should feel.
I love you but I am afraid.
Afraid of what they’ll say,
Afraid of you being away,

I wish I was stronger.
I wish I could give you something that’ll last longer.
You gave the whole portrait of yourself.
I asked in the beginning,
You said yes, and danced along the shelf.

I wanted to as well but I was scared of what I would see in myself.
I haven’t looked in a mirror in so long,
Wanted to avoid the memories of a sad love song.
I prolong.

I have to be honest,
So I can let you go,
And you find someone full of promise.