My eyesight is weak.

Littered with tears and scratches.

My heart is heavy, and tight.

Filled to the brim with spite.

My dreams didn’t come true.

The prince never came,

Instead of fair-game I became framed.

I was held back by choices.

I should’ve ignored those voices…

Honestly, the pills look inviting,

The black abyss seems a peaceful existence.

I should take my pleasure in the unknown void.

Isn’t that what we search for anyway? Peace and quiet?

Maybe I should skip to the end to avoid the constant pain,

Pay for the arraign I have surely obtained.



2 thoughts on “Narcoleptic

  1. Unknown void sounds empty. We try to escape to keep the pain away. But sadly, the escape into what negativity only makes the pain greater.

    But writing helps. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading my poem and responding to it. I truly appreciate it, and you’re right. But sometimes avoidance can be necessary for survival. I love your thoughtful insight.

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