There’s No Title For This Pain…

Words fail me.

My mind won’t rest,

And let me be.

I can’t breathe.

Trying to see.

Hard to believe,

What the world has done to me.

Tears run down my face,

Not much more I can take.


Une Muse Invisible

You left me for a while.

But you came back.

Moving like a runningback.

I have no slack.

I can’t believe what you’ve made me feel.

What I’ve written,

What you’ve made me do.

I still haven’t truly processed what you’ve made me do.

My heart was broken.

I want you in too many ways.

I can’t say no though.

It’s not good for me.

This is a drug.

But I have to take another hit.

Just once more.

Then I promise I’ll go.

Promets juste que tu-