The Objectification of Men (Finally!)

Hello world!

So I had a religious experience this weekend. It was full of wisdom, deep insight, and I left feeling completed, sated, and spiritually blessed.

I had my revival service at the Magic Mike XXL premier this weekend.

As I was sitting in the theaters, watching the many previews, and waiting with bated breath for my favorite boys to light up the silver screen, I was thinking about the objectification of women.

In society, especially in the good ole’ U.S. Of A. women are judged constantly by what we wear, how we act, and what we should want versus what we actually want. (Good old fashioned, toe-curling, coma inducing, hair pulling orgasms, [yes plural] followed by good food, conversation, and possibly a relationship) However, if a naked woman comes on during a commercial break, and says anything remotely sexual, or holding anything representing a phallic shape, best believe the National Organization for Women will be on that commercial like white on rice.

Don’t get me wrong; I agree with all the women’s organizations, and such. No woman should be objectified, criticized, or demeaned just because of what is on her chests, and between her legs. But say we took a different approach; What if some women (Not all, of course) basked in the objectification? Men do it sometimes, (As seen throughout the film) and seem to flourish under all the attention. Are we being too sensitive?

Again, just an observation, nothing else.

I’m not calling Magic Mike XXL a stimulating, intellectual, IFC film; What you see is what you get, and the title says it all. But what if we took the same approach as the magnificent strippers and just not give a fuck?

Now wait! I’m not going to sit here and waste over 1,000 words boring you about all the gorgeous men and their abs, the dancing, sex, lots of ass, Twitch, abs, roll on the floor laughter moments, Tarzan, Matt Bomer, abs, long *ahem* manhood troubles, (did I mention abs?) and such. I’m not even going to tell you about Mike’s past life, and his alter ego, (A.K.A. white chocolate) or the amount of feels you’ll get listening to some 90’s, and early 2000’s throwback music.

No, I’m not going to say go see it at all.




5 thoughts on “The Objectification of Men (Finally!)

  1. You said, ” are we being over sensitive?” My humble opinion is that yes. Humans are humans, and even before t.v I´m quite certain that good looking woman was for men much more atractive to look at than ugly women. You can make all the women organisations fighting for this or that, which in my opinion some are necessary but a lot of them I think people just get bored and want to make a perfect world or try to change human nature. And as you mentioned at the end, women are the same most cases I believe like men. They certainly prefer to look at a Brad Pitt type of guy than see an fat, bald guy. We´re just humans.

    1. I completely agree. I just think that sometimes, women (and men) take things too seriously. I think that people should loosen up. As you mentioned we are all human. =)

      1. I laugh at myself in the morning everytime I see me in the mirror so….
        There has been a great change in our culture with so much political correctness is what I think. When you talk you have to be very aware of what words you use to describe something or make a point since they can be deemed by this polically correct people ( that for me they are hypocrites) as hatred. So what I do, I just say what I want and if they want to say something to me, let it be, I can out argue any of those nut cases, I´m nuttier 😉

  2. Objectification is a two way street. As long as women continue to judge and choose men by their status, financial success and the amount of money men are willing to spend on them – in other words – sell themselves to the highest bidder, men will continue to buy the most woman they can afford.

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