It’s A Waste Of Time….

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story

Hello world!
so I’ve been cruising LinkedIn, indeed, monster, All looking for a new job. I’ve been working for Ross for almost four months now and let’s just say that it’s not the most glamourous of places to work. But it pays the bills temporarily until I get THE job. One thing i’ve noticed while looking for jobs however is the many different websites convincing you that you don’t have enough people liking your comments, or the need to have premium webpages in order to get considered for a decent job. On my LinkedIn profile this evening it said that my percentage went down 9% because of the lack of views.(Not that i really care) it almost mocks you for having almost no activity and justifies your reasoning of not having a job.
Honestly people really?
How did we find jobs in the past? Before the Steve Jobs, and Microsoft people (I honestly don’t try to remember other CEO company computer people names because let’s be real Mac will always be king) we did it the old school way. Grab a paper, look into the classifieds and call the company looking for employees. If you didn’t have a paper you could call, or even gosh darnet, WALK IN AND TALK WITH A MANAGER!
i’m not judging, because I use all of these SM websites, I think it’s fun to see what other’s are doing, and the latest in trends; but I also respect the classic approach. So what should you do?
My advice is what feels right. just because your “profile popularity” has gone down a couple of percentages doesn’t mean all hope is lost. I was able to get most of my jobs by just walking in the front door. And I didn’t have to confirm with SIRI if I was making the right choice. Just something to think about.


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