I Feel The Earth Move….

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” -Leo Tolstoy

I couldn’t have said it better myself Leo.
Hello World!
I’ve missed you guys. I’ve been trying to make sure I update more frequently so here I am. Anyways A lot of good is happening out of some difficult situations. I feel like I can breathe and actually look at the positive in life.
Tolstoy’s quote relates to me so much because I feel that people will always be the same. Even the Bible talks about nothing being new under the sun. But I think you being able to change your attitude and your viewpoint on the world is the first real step in making a change.
I am also excited to be getting my own car in the next couple of months.(That would make anybody smile lol) What I’m saying, if i’m saying anything at all is to never give up. something that can seem small can be the one thing that helps you in life. Whether it be long walks at night, meditation, prayer or talking with someone do something to change your outlook in life from bad to great.

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