Wait! I Can Explain…

Hello world!

As you know, mwah graduated in December. (yay!) Along with graduation I also had to move back home, (sucks, but not really) and take a break. Although those four + years away from home gaining an education and learning who I was as a person were really beneficial to building me, and seeing firsthand how I operate without my family, left me exhausted.

In every way.

Home with a new shiny degree for the new year and what did I do? Hole up in my parents home lay my head on my mom’s chest eat her homemade cookies, and cry.

How disgusting. ( I’m a G darn it!)

Anyways, the reason I have been M.I.A. in the blogosphere is simple:

I needed rest.

It was scary the amount of rest I needed. My, “resting” period as I like to call it, could be compared to a baby. But instead of being fed food, and getting my diaper changed constantly, I needed intellectual inspiration.

BecauseI lost it.

Me the writer. After two weeks I thought that I would be able to sit at my laptop and type away. but I was at a loss. The first time, since I knew what writing was, I was frozen. I closed my laptop and said nothing for about another week. Now I know to some this wouldn’t seem like a big deal. And all I can tell you is that it felt like a big deal simply because I’ve always had something to say.

All the time.

To be muted, blocked, and unable to write something simply because of yourself can be a scary concept. So what did I do to try and fix the situation?

Watch the news.

I actually started thinking about current event quizzes I took in my journalism classes to see if something would spark. However I was lost. But after I stopped thinking about it, and actually relaxed,  went to the movies and genuinely laughed ideas started to form. I was still pretty wary, thinking that when I sat at my laptop they would disappear, so I stayed away. a couple of months later and here we are.

Today, I started laughing because I realized that maybe my experiences of my writers block should be shared. Real talented writers are able to convey there feelings, and real life in a unconventional way. I figured I would give it a shot and share my experiences with you. Maybe that’s the point; not everything in life goes according to plan. But it’s up to us to find the reason why and find an alternative way to navigate around what looks like, and impossible situation.



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