A Decision Must Be Made


“Not leaving you, never leaving you. We’re good, we’re solid. But for you, where would I be?” –Mary Calmes

So I’m going to apply to grad school. Yeah buddy! Right?


So this seeking out higher education thing is a lot harder than it seems. Want to know why?


Well not everything but you get the idea. You see I’ve got three schools narrowed down where I want to apply. They are all great, and I’m having a hard time deciding where to go. So I’m just going to apply to all of them and worry about this decision in March. Because here’s the thing; 1 or even two school may not accept me, already making my decision for me. I’m normally really good at deciding where I want to go, or what to do. This year however, I can’t seem to make a decision. The majors I’m thinking of taking on are international relations, politics, or English. (hehe nothing easy for me!) The reason for the quote above is because I’m thinking of submitting (for English) a book of poems, or something about a great love. The problem is because I haven’t had a great love yet, the only thing I have to reference is dreams or what I’ve seen on television. I know these programs want something authentic so I’m thinking of creating poems of life, loss, or just a short story. Anyways, I will keep you updated on what I decide to do.