Wait! I can explain….

Good morning bloggers!

As you can tell by the time gap on my blog that I have been MIA for a couple of months. Well here’s the deal;


I was so exhausted with graduation plans, family, finals, and everything else that could possibly go wrong, I needed a break. SO after all the guests were gone, I had enough of all the partying and hanging out, I proceeded to turn off all electronic devices (television included) and shut down.

The only thing heavy that I lifted was either a two-pound weight to walk with or a historical romance book to read. And let me tell you it was worth it.

Living in regency stories filled with gossamer dress gowns, witty dialogue and happily-ever-after story endings pulled me completely collapsing from exhaustion. Doing nothing but reading, and exercising put me in right frame of mind for the upcoming year. I fill right now content, and ready to take on whatever is thrown at me simply because I rested. It really is funny how rest, and quiet can put things back into perspective. I hope that everyone had a great summer, and as you return to either school, work, or pursuing a degree from life that you are content and at peace with yourself.




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