A Hippie Through & Through

“I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” 
― Robert Louis StevensonTravels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

Good morning world!

I hope all Is well with you. Everything Is great with me now that I’m traveling (lol). On Monday, my sister and I were walking to campus for the final week of classes before finals and then my commencement (YAY!). Anyways I was looking at the freeway, (you can see it where we live) and I told her that I just want to leave. I want to see something different and be on the road. No planned direction, just moving. She laughed because the night before she was thinking the same thing.

We both then started blaming our parents (mainly our dad) for putting this need to always travel in our minds from a young age. He always jokes and says that, “The Williams clan, we have gasoline in our blood.” When we were younger we’d travel a lot. We were home schooled, and for about two years we traveled across the great U.S.A. My sister and I at times would get irritated at times because that seemed like all my dad wanted to do. And of course my mom always went with the plan. They were never more happy than on the open road, with no planned destination in mind. My sister and I would tell ourselves that although we had fun, we would never be like our parents in that since.

Well, we were wrong.

Not only do I have “gasoline” In my blood as my dad puts It, but I get restless and want to see what else the world has to offer. I’m thinking of going to Canada for graduate school, not because of the weather( I LOVE THE COLD!) or even the people, (Who are so friendly it’s ridiculous) but because It’s something new to try. (One thing dad also tells us Is to never be afraid of something new and exciting but to embrace it. “Nikki what’s the worst that can happen? So what It doesn’t work out; you can always come back home.”) When I talk to my friends, they look at me with blank faces, as if they have no clue these feelings I have. Last night I called my dad to tell him how I felt, and he told me to grab a train ticket, and he’ll see me in a couple of hours.

So here I am writing on a train.

To whoever Is reading this and is feeling the same way I hope you know that It’s okay to not be apart of the norm. I wrote about silly love songs the other day, and shared some of my favorite romantic cheesy songs so that we could be embarrassed together. The same goes for traveling. If you want to go, have nothing tying you down, or holding you back then what’s the problem? Quick, grab a taxi, and/or car, get to the airport, train station or bus station, hop on and think later.




My First Love……..Song That Is ;)

“Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly, and without expectation… We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” -Leo Buscaglia

Good morning/almost afternoon everyone!

I was listening to Fire in the water this morning by Feist. (Heard it from Breaking Dawn part 2. Hey! don’t judge me lol) I started smiling because I could remember the first time that I heard a love song. It was from a 2002 Nicholas Sparks movie called “A Walk To Remember.” The song was called, “Someday We’ll Know” by Mandy Moore and Jonathan Moore from Switch foot. (I think) The next song that I’d heard In that movie was “It’s Gonna Be Love” by Mandy Moore. (From that point on I think I went a little Mandy Moore crazy). The point I’m trying to make Is  from that moment on I was secretly longing for the one person who fit the love song I loved the most. A couple of years later I saw “Bend It Like Beckham,” One of my favorite movies of all time, and at the end of this movie, when Jess is about to kiss her coach/secret boyfriend, they play a song that I still listen to today called, “Inner Smile” by Texas. Here are some of the lyrics:

“Cuz you make me feel (yeah)

You make me feel wild (yeah)

You touch my inner smile (yeah)

You got me in the mood (yeah)

So come on and make your move (yeah)

And free me….”

These may seem like your typical lyrics, but they are powerful and amazing (especially during that scene)

As I got older and started to listening to other types of music; One song that never escaped my memories was inner smile. I guess In a way I was and still am waiting for that someone who makes me feel wild. (In a good way) I hope that whoever reads this and thinks their crazy to wait for a love like in one of your favorite songs or movies, I want them to know they are not alone.

That we may be crazy but at least we have some optimism left in this cynical world. I hope that whoever is reading this post laughs out loud and realizes it doesn’t matter what people think. I hope that whoever reads this is happy they found a new song. If you’ve got nothing that I’ve talked about in this post then at least you got a couple of new love songs to check out.






Where’s The Color?

“Racism is a man’s greatest threat to man-the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.” Abraham Joshua Heschel

Good morning world!

I hope all is well. The reason I haven’t posted for a couple of days is because I’ve been really busy.


But I’m here so now all is right with the world. (If you haven’t noticed, I’m starting to feel super important! lol)

So as I was walking to school this morning I noticed a play that is being put on by my theater/drama department. The title is Arabian Nights. You may be wondering why I am even talking about a play that you probably don’t care about, but here is the reason.


That’s right, I said it; color. Here is my problem with movies and theaters. First, I must say that I love musicals, and broadway. Ever since I was thirteen, and first saw Moulin Rouge, I’ve been hooked. Broadway is also my favorite to watch. I like the drama, the plot, the fake stage fighting that looks so real at the time, and the can’t live without each other romantic situations. My only problem is casting people who actually look like the topic being discussed.

One thing my father hates is western movies. Not because of the plots, the cowboys, and mexican standoffs, but because of the casting. You see, when I watch old westerns with my grandma, I notice that the men playing Native Americans are not of color. Not only are Natives not playing their own people but Mexicans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Italians are played by White American people. Even Aborigines are played by white Americans with paint on their faces.

In early America with the country in turmoil in regards to racism and open hostility to other races it is understandable that Whites, or people in power at that time were also dominating the film industry. My question is, what is the excuse now? It’s 2013 so shouldn’t there be more people of color (and I don’t mean just African-Americans) having lead roles in films?

My sister and I recently saw a preview for the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. I love Sci-fi, and Tom Cruise so to me this was a win-win situation. My problem with this movie is where are all the fresh faces? Tom Cruise is a great actor, but for a movie focused on the future and a new world why not be symbolic and use a fresh-faced actor?

As a new generation who knows better I feel like it’s up to us. We have to show that going on in the tradition of old-school Hollywood is unacceptable. So what’s the solution?

Actually casting other races. Having a diverse cast. Making sure that if we have a character of an African-American we actually let a African-American play that role. The same with other races as well.