Placing The Blame

“My brother and his wife were apart of the Boston marathon. I was scared when I first heard that it happened. Later when I found out my brother and sister-in-law was okay I felt better but it was still scary.” (My friend the next morning after the marathon)


My sister and I had a pretty uneventful weekend. I went and saw my friend in a play at my college campus, and found out that he was really good. It was fun to watch young adults try to act like children in a play. After I saw his performance, I went home to hang out with my sister. What she told me really had me upset.

She was reading an article online, I think from Yahoo news, and she told me that the suspects in the recent Boston marathon bombing were blaming Natural Born Killers as a reason to go on their killing spree.

Wait, what??!!

Okay so because of a movie I saw, and because it looked like so much fun, I’m going to go and set up bombs during a marathon? One of my favorite movies was Pretty Woman, but do you see me outside on the street at night being a prostitute waiting for my Richard Gere to show up?

I think not.

We can’t blame Hollywood for the crimes being committed in our society. It’s the director’s and writers job to tell a story. How you take the message it’s up to you. What I think is that we need to start being adults, and owning up to our mistakes. It’s not about regulation or censorship. It’s about you admitting to a crime or offense you created. It makes me sick that people will blame everyone, or thing but themselves for the problems THEY created. As a child, if you make a mistake or do something stupid, your parents may take the blame because you’re still young and under the parental umbrella. But when is that umbrella taken away? and when will you admit that something you’ve done is completely on you?

It’s wrong what the bombers did. But sad as it is, I would have more respect for the perpetrators if they admitted their crimes and said that the plans they carried out were stupid, but they still planned to carry out their plan.

But that would mean they had common sense. In my opinion I really believe that you should always own up to your crimes. It’s not right, but it’s a start.



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