Why I love PR

“It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction.”

– Pablo Picasso

Good afternoon world!

So I’ve been busy. I received feedback from my application for the Fleishman Hillard program and they said they will contact me in the next 2-3 weeks.


Some more good news. For the last month my Africana studies class  has been planning our third annual black gender conference. I am pleased to announce that I was able to be in charge of the public relations/promotions of the program.

Double YAY!

I wrote a news release, took it to the school newspaper, created a Face book page, connected with the advertising teams and helped with the distribution of flyers. I wrote out a basic plan that I would follow and then went about implementing it. This has been fun, exciting, and like a big exam for me because it tested my limits, and what I really knew about PR.

It was also a group effort.

You can never forget that planing, or campaigning any event is a collaborated effort, and it can never run on just one person alone (Such as myself). For example,one person in our group was able to get a local television news station to agree to come out on Thursday, while someone else outlined, and wrote a detailed itinerary. The advertising group brought us home with some phenomenal artwork.

We have rehearsed, acquired the room, rehearsed, spoke with other classes, rehearsed, sent emails, and did I mention rehearse?

I felt so proud that I knew what to do as soon as my professor said I could do the public relations aspect. I love knowledge because I feel you can never be in the dark about a situation.

But I love PR more.

I love the planning, the processing, and the innovative way to sell a product, or promote something that was invisible before. Whether it be people, a company, or a place, I love the hard-work and fast pace of it all. I found something I love and I know this was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What I am trying to say (If I’m saying anything at all) Is that once you’ve found your niche you tend to thrive, and be happy. I hope whoever is reading this is  that one day you find a place where you are happy. Whether it be a job, hobby, or place you go, make sure you do something that makes you excited, and want to repeat on a regular basis. =)



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