On This Valentine’s Day….

Good morning all!

You’re probably waking up from romantic gestures from loved ones, candy left where you would normally drink your coffee, and kisses from that special someone telling you that you are the best thing that has happened to you. Even if you just woke up like me stretched out in your bed, tired but strangely happy and excited.

I am.

I’m telling the truth I tell ya!

People think that when you say that you’re excited for this day and you’re single,  that you’re lying, or as my sister would say, “a poser.” But I’m not. You see I’ve always been excited and loved this time of year. Because I love love. I’ve been in a relationship with love ever since I was 12 years old and saw A Walk To Remember for the first time, and Landon kissed Jaime after the big school production.

I am excited for people who’ve found their true destined love, and can celebrate the rest of there lives with that person. I’m also excited that some of my friends found boyfriends or dates for tonight.

So, on the Auspicious day,

let me say,

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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