Back To The Grind?

Hello all.

So it’s official. School has started. As I mentioned previously I had a really good break. Eating, exercising, working out, laughing frequently, and hanging with the family is always a blast.

But it’s time to get serious.

For instance, I have to send away my application for the Fleishman fellowship for the summer/fall. In previous posts, I said that I was ready, I’m going to take my index finger no matter how shaky and hit the send button.

But I didn’t.

I waited because the day I told you guys I was hitting send, all of a sudden it felt wrong. I felt that something was stopping me, and it was imperative that I listen to that inner voice and AVOID the send button.

So I did.

Maybe my inner voice was saying to look over forms, review letters of recommendation, anything that looked out-of-place. I realized that I left my whole purpose, or statement letter.


I almost missed a phenomenal part of my application packet that could have hindered me from getting the position. So I say to you reader; really cross your eyes, dot your t’s and stay on point. If nothing else learnt have all bases covered.

Be prepared in life.





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