Back To The Grind?

Hello all.

So it’s official. School has started. As I mentioned previously I had a really good break. Eating, exercising, working out, laughing frequently, and hanging with the family is always a blast.

But it’s time to get serious.

For instance, I have to send away my application for the Fleishman fellowship for the summer/fall. In previous posts, I said that I was ready, I’m going to take my index finger no matter how shaky and hit the send button.

But I didn’t.

I waited because the day I told you guys I was hitting send, all of a sudden it felt wrong. I felt that something was stopping me, and it was imperative that I listen to that inner voice and AVOID the send button.

So I did.

Maybe my inner voice was saying to look over forms, review letters of recommendation, anything that looked out-of-place. I realized that I left my whole purpose, or statement letter.


I almost missed a phenomenal part of my application packet that could have hindered me from getting the position. So I say to you reader; really cross your eyes, dot your t’s and stay on point. If nothing else learnt have all bases covered.

Be prepared in life.





New Year, New Post, New Look?

Good morning all!

The last time I wrote to you I was on Christmas crack. It is my favorite holiday and you could probably tell through my writing. Well it’s a new year and it’s so exciting! I guess WordPress decided to give itself a makeover along with the new year. I can’t wait to see not only what I am able to accomplish but what the world is able to fix, or complete.

Along with the major holidays over, it means that returning to school is imperative.


I’ve of two minds here. On the one hand, I am excited that I am returning to school. After this semester I have only one more and I will finally have a Bachelor’s degree. On the other hand;

It’s still school.

I have to deal with professors who could fail you because you missed a couple of classes, group projects that always start in a congenial manner, and end with bloodshed, and the drama that some of my friends bring on a daily basis during lunch.

It’s a fine line but I guess everyone has a duty, or job they must accomplish. Can’t always play bear and hibernate away from the world. I hope that you are having a good year. I hope that you find success in 2013. I was watching The Ellen DeGeneres show (I love her!) and she said that she didn’t make any new years resolutions, and we should at least try to finish the ones we made last year before creating new ones. I completely agree. That should start to be everyone’s resolution; not to create any new tasks until we finished old ones. I hope that you have a good day. I hope that this year you laugh, and have minimal struggle.