End Of The Race….

“I know it’s difficult kid. But I know you, and you’re going to beat yourself up over it if you give up. So finish strong. You know you’ll be glad you did.”-Dad

Good morning world!

So this is finals week. The last chance anyone has to plead their cases to their professors in hope of getting a higher grade. Today is also the last day to study for any real exam, and still be able to pass.

As I reflect over these last months, I still can’t believe that I was able to finish, and still be coherent and sane. It was a difficult semester. I gave it my all. I wouldn’t take back anything that I’ve done. I made some mistakes, but who doesn’t? at least I’m woman enough to admit them. I met some new friends, and I didn’t work, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. I also learned to be happy, and to have patience. I think if you can still manage to be happy in the midst of a storm then you definitely deserve an award.

I think I have also met and exceeded my goals for the year, and that in itself is amazing. I think being able to set personal goals for yourself is always rewarding, and deserves to be taken out to a dinner and a movie.

I hope that whoever reads this is given inspiration. That you can finish anything you set your mind to no matter how impossible it looks.




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