What Do You Think?

Good morning world!

So, I’ve been having these ideas in my head. Because of Instagram, I’m now obsessed with taking pictures. My sister thinks I’ve lost my mind because I seem to be on my phone non-stop. it’s crazy once you get into technology, you can’t seem to stop. I actually have to leave my phone in the other room so I can have a decent conversation with my family. I also think it has to do with brand loyalty because when I had my Blackberry I wasn’t as obsessed as I am with my iPhone. Actually, anything Apple I’m pretty much obsessed with.

Anyways, back to the point I’m trying to make.

Since I love to cook, and then take pictures of my glorious dishes, I’m thinking I should maybe posts pictures of my cuisine along with the recipe up here. What do you think? You think this will turn out successful?

I’m learning that with anything you have to take chances. I think this will have to be one of those chances I take.




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