No Matter What


It’s a friday night, and i’m at home. normally I would be mad because hey, it’s FRIDAY and you should be out partying, enjoying life, and trying to find exciting things to get into with your ride or die buddy.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”
― Anne Frank

But not tonight.

Tonight, seven days after my birthday i’m getting gifts that I truly want. Nothing ever compares to gifts that your family gets you. Last year, for my 21st birthday, my only and younger sister gave me my real first piece of technology.

A Kindle.

I had never really had anything like this before. I would look at, stare, and dream of the day when I would have money to give for that type of reader. But I didn’t have to.

Because she did.

I think it’s not the Kindle itself that made my birthday special (Which, by the way almost put me in tears) but the fact that she listened and was able to get something I never thought I could ever have.

This year, my sister didn’t have much, but she bought me Spartacus Vengeance. One of my favorite television shows, and it had just came out the day before. She kept telling me she didn’t have much, and she hoped i enjoyed it.


My Uncle, decided to buy a give me a Mac Book Pro from Apple which I received today in the mail. I really enjoyed this gift, and again it’s the thought that counts.

One thing I have learned in this life and what my parents have told me, is to always be happy. No matter if you didn’t get exactly what you wanted, or the day didn’t go as planned. Just roll with the punches. God obviously wanted you to go through the trials and learn from them.

I hope that this week I did that. That no matter what, I kept the same emotions, and was able to be happy. The truth is, I was actually happy and didn’t have to act. I guess that comes with age.

-N  =)


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