International Relations…

Why not go out on a limb?  Isn’t that where the fruit is?  ~Frank Scully


Good morning world!

My professor, recently sent my classmates an email about a great oppourtunity to apply for a 6-12 month fellowship for an international relations program. She sent it to us roughly a month ago, however I put it off.

Now you might be asking, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHY NICOLE!!!?”

Well for your information I am SCARED. I say all of these confident things, puff my chest out, and put a little swagger in my gait, showing the world through body language how tough I am.

In all reality, i’m terrified of what the next chapter of my life will be. Being African-American , and a female can be a daunting task. Trying to find a job while at the same time, break a stereotype that has been set by other races about your people since before you were born, is challenging to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong; I refuse to let a stereotype stop my progress, or make me feel inferior. My parents raised me to always be humble, pray and ask God for help in any situation, and to always be proud of who you are no matter the consequences.

So even though i’m shaking as I type this, and re-read the email that was sent to me, I will apply. If circumstances come up, and am unable to accept it, or they skim over my application, then at least I know I gave it my all. If I hit the delete button, then i’ll always wonder if I let a huge opportunity slip through my fingers.

Here it goes….


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