Decision Making

Good Morning world!

I had a very good weekend. It was my birthday! And not just any birthday, but my 22nd one. I don’t know why it feels as if i’ve stepped into a new arena, but it does. When you turn 21 most people are excited because in the United States  that means you can now drink legally. It also seems to be the age that shows the world, you are real an adult.

I don’t hear much about 22, but I don’t care. it’s my day and i’m taking it.

Along with aging comes the task of figuring out your life, where you plan to go after college, blah blah blah. I know that i’ve been harping about my future plans for a while but I can’t help it. I worry so deal.

Anyways, i’ve always felt that everything will go according to plan. I’ve seen life plans go awry in my friends life and as an observer I have always said, “That couldn’t possibly happen to me.”

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Things have never been horrible, but the course I thought I would always take has decided to go on a little detour. As long as the job or goal you’ve set for yourself is accomplished, who cares how it gets accomplished?

Hearing my sister excited to be going to the Academy Of Art University In San Francisco next fall, realizing that I will not be renewing my lease in my apartment, knowing that graduation is near, and I’ve got to actually start looking for a job is starting to come to the surface, and it scares me. it excites me, but it also makes you realize that you will be using everything you’ve learned at college, and what your parents taught you in the real world. In a way it’s the ultimate test.

I plan to go into this with my head held high, shoulders squared, and determination in my gait. I know God didn’t bring me this far to fail. Who knows? I may wind up at that Entertainment Public Relations firm somewhere in Los Angeles sooner than you think….;)


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