Last Nights of Summer…

Yesterday I had fun.

A friend of mine asked me if she wanted to go for a drive. It was 45 minutes away from where we live and she wanted me to meet a family member. I instantly agreed. I wanted to meet her family and not only that, I needed to get away.

Yes it’s only been a week in school but I’m feeling that pull of being done with it all. After 4 years of non-stop school, and work, I actually am feeling tired. I never thought that I would feel this way, but you can’t help how you feel.

Anyways, her family had rented a convertible and let her drive it. We picked up McDonalds, talked politics, what’s going on in the world, and what can we the future do about it.

We talked about songs, mainly How DJ’s are now the title artist instead of the actual singer. (Example Calvin Harris, or David Guetta when Ne-Yo or Usher is singing the song.)

We talked about what we see for our future, and both agreed that while it sounds scary we are excited for the road ahead.

On the way back home we road on the freeway with the top down. I threw my hands in the air and proceeded to just breathe. When we arrived back home we were both quiet but content.

I thanked her for a great night, and promised we’d get together soon. Walking up to my place, I smiled wishing that we could have driven all night.


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