Post first week of school….

Identify what you want and go for it- Anon

Hello world!

I’ve had a very interesting and productive-less summer. (Unless you count spending hours at the gym daily trying to perfect my look.) I went out with friends, spent hours reading romantic books, watching reality television shows, sleeping, and making sure I stayed out of the heat. Apart from being ridiculously lazy and borderline trifling I actually examined what I want to do with my life after I graduate. (which hopefully will be this year.) I thought about Grad school, what I hope to find as an entry level job, and how I can still  be myself.

I reconnected with God and learned some valuable lessons which I hope to grow from.

I learned to be calm, carry on and trust my instinct. These lessons and the relaxation through the summer helped get me through an intense first week of school. It felt as if i’d been out of touch with reality and this was my first test back into life. I know that keeping a level head is one way to ensure a sound mind and peace.

I hope that those of you who read this post and are attending any school that you have a productive school year. I hope those of you who are just returning to work are accomplishing goals you’ve set for yourself. I hope those of you who are just reading and looking for some inspiration are able to find it.

I wish the best for all and let the games begin!

N =)


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