What makes life fun?

1) Exploring

2) Different languages and cultures

3) Eating Exciting and daring foods

4) Optimism

There are a lot of issues in the world that we hear about on a daily basis. For example, the circus show aka the race for presidency, the horrible and tragic Trayvon Martin shooting, and the continued war in the Middle East. In my own world I see friends, and college classmates who have the latest everything complain on being bored to tears, not really enjoying school, and how they have no life whatsoever.

Well, how about finding a life?

Most people who I encounter on a daily basis believe that everything should be handed to them. ” I am talented they just have to see it,” “But I don’t need to actually learn about my skill I’ve already perfected it,” and my personal favorite, “But why should I have to take action, I’ll just wait for it to come to me!” Hearing these protest, and furious wails makes me then of only one thing;

a petulant child.

The comments above prove why some people need to be someplace for a time allotted, no questions asked. Whatever situation you are in you should find the joy in small things. Now I know this sounds cliched but it actually works. Take time for yourself, grow as an individual, and then just maybe, you can truly have FUN.

-N =)


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