2 Out Of 5 Before 25 Ain’t Bad

These are two top priorities that must be accomplished before I turn 25…=)

1. Aller à Paris

Je veux aller de l’autre côté du monde et de découvrir quelque chose que je n’avais jamais pensé possible. (I want to go on the other side of the world and discover something I’d never thought possible.)

Most people want to go to Paris for the views, to find love and romance, or for the fashion; seeing all these things would be a plus. However, I would like to dig deeper than that. I want to learn something new and see an Idea from a different standpoint. I think that going to Paris you’d have to be willing to learn something different. And that’s what I want to do…

2. Solitary Road Trip

It’s in my genes. I can’t help it.

Being in my family, the one thing we did constantly was travel. If I wasn’t in Florida then I was in Canada. If I wasn’t there you could see me In California. My dad showed my sister and I that anything is possible with God. Me, I’m going to put that message to the test. I was watching one of my favorite movies of all time today (Elizabeth-town) and one of the characters told Orlando Bloom (the main character) You have to go on 1 solitary road trip. Everybody has to at least once in their lives. They show him later driving through all these states. I’d done some of that with my family but I want to try and do it on my own just once.

Real Freedom! (let’s see If I can do it, or at least try before I breakdown and get a plane ticket back home)



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