A Quick Study…

Being a quick learner has it’s merits.


Circumstances change, places of residence change over time, but sadly people do not. I was able to go out with a friend recently and the one thing I constantly heard them say was, “I’m happy, this will make me happy, I promise to be happy,  If I do this I know I’ll be happy, and someone will notice this and fall in love with me, and I’ll be happy.” It almost felt as If  they’d said It 50,000 times it would morph into a reality. I’ve always felt that a person can’t be with another If they already have insecurities about themselves the moment someone says hello.

Another friend of mine commented on how it’s silly to eat by yourself. People feel nothing but pity for you.

I also heard from a girl sitting in front of me during Valentine’s Day say that it’s stupid to be your own Valentine.

My question is, Why?

I think people put to much stock in being a two-some. How about being a happily single one-some? Instead of saying 50,000 times that you’re happy, how about going out and doing something that will please only you and make you genuinely happy?

And what’s wrong with buying YOUR own box of chocolates, watching YOUR favorite RomCom and laughing at life in general?

The definition of happy is contentment or joy. Why should you wait for someone to give you the one thing you can find yourself?

One day I would love a person to tell me that I’m great, intelligent and the only one for them. I would also like for someone to watch RomCom movies with me just because they like being around me. But until that day comes you can find me at a local restaurant treating myself to cheesecake and making myself happy.


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