About Me….

My name Is Nicole Williams, but most of the time I go by Nikki. I am 21 years old from San Francisco, California, particularly the Haight-Ashbury district . I am currently a Public Relations student at California State University, Fresno where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s (and hopefully) a Master’s In Journalism or English (Still trying to decide what should I choose to study). I have a sister, mom and dad whom I love so much and are very close to. For hobbies I love to shop, hang out with friends, travel, and pretty much participate in any kind of Social Media Network activity I can find. I also love movies so I collect a lot of different genres and television shows. In my spare time I workout, read and find any other activity that forces me to learn something new every day. I am looking for a career In a PR firm or agency in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. The type of PR work I would like to do is anything in the Entertainment and/or Celebrity field. Another area of PR that interests me is Crisis Management/PR. On my blog you will find my resume outside of PR and some samples of my work so far.


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